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    Individual projects of natural stone. Marble, granite, onyx, travertine from any quarries Many years of experience in the execution of complex engineering solutions.



Decorate with a mosaic panel made the most frequently visited places in the house (eg, living room, dining room, etc.), so that everyone could admire the skillfully created pattern. In this case it is not necessary to do the picture bright and multi-colored – for the panel is best suited to calm tones. Another option – a two-color marble mosaic, built on a combination of white and black or brown and blue. Prices for such a mosaic is comparable to the price of a good ceramic tile, despite the fact that artificial tiles will never come close to natural stone on the nobility and created comfort. On the left you can see photos of some of the mosaics we have made for our customers.

The best material for creating a mosaic ornament is a natural stone, namely marble. Good texture and a beautiful rhythmic pattern makes such a coating elegant and noble. The uniqueness of natural marble is that it conveys the whole spectrum of non-repeating colors and shades of all kinds of rocks. Marble mosaic often adorns the floor and walls indoors. Thanks to the smooth shades of delicate tones and unique patterns, the marble mosaic is better than other decorative elements can turn your average living space into a museum with real works of art.

The prices of mosaics can range from $50 to $1200, depending on the complexity and palette. You can always buy a marble mosaic from us at the best price in Kiev.