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Marble flooring

Such a different marble

Luxurious, shiny, perfectly smooth, giving rise to the most delicate play of shadows and light reflections on the surface – all this is about marble. Marble has a unique beauty – it can be monochromatic, layered, contain colored inclusions, play with shades of pink, yellow, brown, black, in short, it is really a very suitable stone for decoration. You will be surprised to know that there are varieties of marble in the world that transmit light rays to a depth of four centimeters!

The most renovatable material

First of all, it is very easy to maintain, just wash the floors with water and sometimes with small additives specially designed for marble care. You can wear shoes, heels, your children and pets will not spoil anything either. You can make a warm floor, and then you will have both heating and comfort of the room in the cold period increase 10 times. If the floor is properly laid and treated with special protective compounds, you can leave it alone for about 6-7 years. And then call us and in half a day we will restore any surface for you, turning it back into a brand new one!

Modern technologies

Marble can be laid in small sizes in the form of tiles, or directly in slabs, choosing a pattern. You can embroider the seams with mosaics, you can make inlays around the perimeter and in the middle with different colors of marble. You can lay marble without a seam at all! A single solid coating!
We take measurements ourselves, and if you need a project, we also make it. We help in the selection of materials, prepare them for installation and carry out the actual installation. The whole complex. Call us now and ask all your questions.

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