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Today, fireplaces made or lined with natural stone are once again becoming extremely popular. Nowadays the fireplaces can be found not only in private country houses or cottages, but also in the most respectable hotels, restaurants and even in apartments. After all, marble fireplaces are a symbol of stability, high taste, prestige and status of their owner. We will gladly help you to choose and buy a marble fireplace.

It is also possible to combine with biofireplaces. So you can get a cozy fireplace corner even in the apartment.


For lovers of exclusive fireplaces with elements of carving and sculpture, we recommend facing fireplaces with marble. This natural stone easily acquires the desired shapes and has many more color solutions.

The marble fireplace is ideal for an elegant interior, as well as for large spaces. In combination with glass or metal, marble creates a unique atmosphere of chic and real luxury of natural stone.


Fireplaces made of natural stone can be divided into two types:
Fireplace portals, which are made by craftsmen from solid pieces of natural stone, mostly by hand, which, in turn, allows you to make fireplaces of any complexity using different decorative elements. The price of such fireplaces is often higher than tiled fireplaces.

Facing fireplaces are made in the following way: the ready fireplace from a brick is faced with slabs of a natural stone which can have different forms, the sizes and color. Facing the fireplace with natural stone is in higher demand because of its modern appearance and more affordable cost.

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