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    Individual projects of natural stone. Marble, granite, onyx, travertine from any quarries Many years of experience in the execution of complex engineering solutions.


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More and more people are using natural stone in their projects, applying it to both private country houses and municipal buildings. This choice is justified not only by aesthetics, but also by the ergonomics and durability of natural material. Granite, limestone, sandstone is practically impervious to time, it does not rot, does not decay. It has excellent thermal insulation, and at high temperatures it does not ignite and does not require additional fire treatment.

Previously, in our climatic conditions, granite was often used for exterior work. But at the moment it is competing with no less strong and durable materials such as limestone, marble and travertine. The use of these materials in the finishing of facades add architectural structure lightness, warmth and light.


We are the trendsetters and developers of cladding technology in our climate zone. Everything begins with the architectural design, and ends with the decoration of columns, balustrades, installation of ornate railings, cornices, decorating the house carved entry portals, window frames.

We can help you choose a stone, make all the products, bring them to the site and perform all installation work “turnkey”.


Installation can be performed in a usual or “wet way” with mortar and mesh, and can be performed in the so-called “dry way” – ventilated facade, which is carried out by fixing the natural stone on an aluminum subsystem with insulation.

Even if you are not the owner of a very large country house, would you not like it to be a bit like a medieval castle, or had a distinctive “zest” inherent only in your imagination and temperament? Here we can help you and make to order from granite and marble any masterpiece that emphasizes individuality and uniqueness of your home!

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